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Laboe is a charming little harbour town just outside Kiel.
View of the Kiel Fjord from your Apartment or from the promenade, where you can watch the great ships coming and going
On the beaches of Laboe you can watch the snow-white Baltic ferries, luxurious cruise ships and fast sailing boats as they leave the Kiel Fjord on their way out into the Baltic Sea...

Holidays with Children at the beach.

Whith its child-friendly, beautiful maintained beaches the Baltic coast is a particulary popular destination for families. Younger and older children can dig in the sand and build castles to their hart´s content.

From the white sands of the beach you can swim in the Baltic sea, collect seashells and enjoy all sorts of watersports.

Sands, waves, sun, water, salt
Holidays with Family at the Baltic sea.

Visitors with dogs are also very velcome on Germany´s Baltic coast. There are special beaches in Laboe for dogs (clearly signposted) where your canine friends can run around and play.

Holidays with pets in Germany.
Beach near the submarine U995 from WW2.

The locals are shure, that the beaches are  as good as those available in America ore elsewhere in the world..

While you and your family play in the waves the Bay Watchers of the DLRG (German Lifeguards Ass.) make sure that everyone is safe.

fishing in Germany from land and from ships

Submarine U955 from WW2 is open to visitors in Laboe.

All beaches here do have one thing in common - the classic two-seater beach chairs with their protective canopies, without which a Baltic seaside would be unthinkable.
These chairs are the perfect place to enjoy some lazy hours listening the waves and absorbing all the many impressions of the beach.

Watch ing the clouds

If you fell like some fun and entertainment after sunbathing and a few relaxing hours on the beach there is also plenty of choice available.

Learn how to kite-surf, kite-fly, windsurf, sail in the Baltic Sea Scool in Laboe or do you prefer water skiing at  lake Passader See?

Submarine is open for everyone.
Kopie von Strandkorb
Sun and water

Swimming in the baltic sea is also a carefree experience. The ratings ranging from good to excellent all along the German coasts.

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